The organizations active in different fields need to have various people active on different positions. They need to be with the required qualifications as well as experience that can help the organization grow well and fast. The HR of the organizations it is needed to have complete check of profiles of required candidates that apply for specific role. There are ample candidates who apply for required positions in the companies but the HR needs to check if the said candidate can be of required help or not.

HRs CHATBOT – Ultimate Tool for Pre Screening 1024x535 - HRs CHATBOT – Ultimate Tool for Pre-Screening
HRs CHATBOT – Ultimate Tool for Pre-Screening

To facilitate the decisions of hiring people the HR needs to check the profiles with the help of various tools. The market has various tests that facilitate the HR to support the decision of hiring a specific candidate. The tests for various checks of candidate profile are designed by experts who are in the field for many years now. They can also help HR to have exclusive tests designed for a specific position in a specific area. The tests are not only the mean which scrutinize the profiles but also facilitated with modern technology to speed up the task.


 “Pre-Screening is the process which is done by the HRs of the
organization’s to schedule an interview of the candidates”.
During the
Pre-Screening task, HRs have to go through the number of resumes of the
candidates who applied for the desired profile, from these bulk of resumes HRs
have to select those candidates who fits perfect for the post in the
organization. Pre-Screening is the most important process which is to be done
before scheduling the interview for the candidates, this process is the important
information gathering tool. Mostly qualification is the first priority of the
HRs that they find in the candidates’ resumes. When this task is completed, the
selected candidates are called for the interview either it will be face to face
or telephonic.

Pre-Screening could be very helpful for job applicants too, as every job
seeker looks job according to its interest. The job applicant could know about
the benefits, work culture, packages etc. either from the job portal or from
the careers option provided on the organization’s website.

The above process consumes lot of time of the HRs as well as for the
organization. So the A.I. Chatbots are developed for saving time both for the
HRs and job seeker’s.

Why A.I. Chatbots?

Chatbots fired up the stage as it had reduced the time and efforts of the HRs. AI based HR Chatbots could perform the repetitive tasks that HRs has to do with each and every job applicant and this task lots of time and sometimes it becomes a boring task for the HRs because of which sometimes the right candidate slips from the grip of the HRs. Chatbots select the candidates on the basis of the information that is stored in its database and will not select the candidate for the interview until and unless the candidate gives the correct answer because of which the selection procedure remains the same for every job applicant because chatbots don’t have the feelings. Pre-Screening Chatbots are developed to check the qualification, required skills, and salary expectations of the job applicants, most of the HRs ask the job applicants before calling them for the interview either face to face or telephonic.

The second advantage of chatbot is that due to fast and busy life of the peoples they need the instant answer for their problem and that could only be possible when there are number of employees to handle the queries of the users but a single chatbots could handle many users at the same time and saves lot of money as well as time of HRs, Organization and Users too. According to the survey an HR spends its 23 hours on a single candidate.

Chatbots are developed to reduce
the stress of HRs, time consumption of HRs/Organizations/Candidates and money
of the Organization”.

Features of Chatbots

AI chatbots are easy to get configured by the HRs and it has its own
database where all the required questions and answers to them are stored and Chatbot
on the basis of that selects the job applicants.

After this now Chatbot allows the HRs to invite the candidates for the interview either individually or in bulk.

Chatbot provides the 24*7 facility to provide the solution to the queries.

At HRs dashboard the responses of the candidates are stored and on the
basis of which HR selects the candidate.

Challenges for HRs in Pre-Screening

Managing Bulk Hiring

To manage thousands of job applicants requires a lot of time, efforts and patience. Before scheduling, face to face or telephonic interview HRs have to gather the information from the candidate which is missing from its resume. The second challenge is to know how many candidates are coming for the interview because many of the candidates leave in the mid-way.

Managing Time

HRs have to manage time for organization and job applicants both so that
they could hit to the mark and none of the work they could leave, so they give
their extra time to both.

Selecting Right Candidates

There are many candidates whose applies for the job even when they are
not eligible for it and when HRs goes through the resumes and selecting
required candidates could be a very painful task for them.

Challenges for Candidates in Pre-Screening

Lack of HRs Availability

HRs could be reached from 9 am to 5 pm in most companies and most applicants get free after 5 pm so that’s a big challenge to clear the doubts like Work culture, salary, job profile etc.

Poor Interaction

Before the candidate is called for the interview the HRs are needed to go through the resume of the candidate but due to lack of time this could not be possible, so sometimes the HRs asks the thing which are on the resume and sometimes there is the lack of information on the organizations website due to which at the end of the conversation both the HR and the candidate have wasted their time for the wrong profile.

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